Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Helping with the Pitch

Writing or drawing?

I'm definitely stronger at the drawing part.

However, I do need to help support my writer with our pitch.

Tina-Sue showed me the first draft of our "Stargazing" pitch for Small Press Idol 2010. I thought it was great. The only problem was that my reaction wasn't and the first thing I did was to be somewhat insulting to her writing. Not the best idea ever.

Some time later we forgave each other and got back to thinking about the pitch. I still really like it, and I believe it has some great strength to it. But I think that I would like it to be just a bit more.

More what?

There is the difficulty that I have. I want it to be more something - suspense, horror, mystery, sci-fi? I am uncertain. I can look at my drawings and see where the deficiencies are. I can deal with writing on a technical basis and see mistakes in grammar and wording. I can also say wow, look at the last five sentences that are down - they all begin with "I"; the last three are all with "I can". Not a very good way to write, is it?

That's easy for me to do. Creative writing takes more work, plain and simple. Like I said, it is a deficiency that I have and it needs to be addressed.

"Stargazing" has a fantastic story to it - I love it, and I want it to be perfect. Now I just have to figure out how to help Tina-Sue. But, what if it doesn't need anything more? What if it is perfect as it is?


Think I'll go draw.

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