Thursday, February 4, 2010

Show Me Yours.....

Artwork by Christopher Chamberlain. All Rights Reserved
Really when it comes down to it, Christopher can't help me with the pitch.

He can be supportive but in trying to define how that is helpful, I am at a lost. 
It is definitely, easier in many ways to be supportive to him only because when it comes to art, really it is all about showing. 
There probably are some artists who don't like to show their work or don't but generally speaking, I think showing your artwork to an audience is inherit. 

When someone sees a painting, a page, a sketch, their reaction is immediate. You can see right away what they think of the piece. With writing, I think its a lot more subjective and a more opinionated process. 

I can also make myself useful by helping with the poses. I can turn my right forearm upright, I can tilt my chin to the left so he can draw the right angle.

I also think that even if someone has a negative reaction to the art, it generates a quicker response. "I'll draw it again", or "What do you think of this piece?" 

For a writer, it takes a bit more to come up with a new concept that a story can develop into. 

Showing my writing isn't something I do until the very final stages, unless I am working on a rewrite and want opinions or a second pair of eyes as I go. 

Guests cannot leave our home without seeing what is on Christopher's board (unless he is working on a project that is confidential then his board is covered up) or his profolio. If they are really interested--err-impressed, then the profolios from eight years ago are brought up, displaying "Progression". 

Show and tell, I believe was invented for the artist. 


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